Sell solar electricity through net metering services in Maryland

Most of the people living in Maryland are dependent on their solar electric systems to generate the desired power for their home needs. But sometimes the systems generate higher power and the residents wish to know whether they could sell the additional power to the companies or not. Yes, the residents have the freedom to sell the power which is unused to the companies thus keeping the consumption low.

By the year 2020, Maryland aims to produce about 20% energy from the renewable sources and that is why it has also introduced the service of net metering through which you can sell the excessive power and help in accomplishing the goal. In order to avail the facility of net metering, the homeowners should fulfill the below conditions.

* The solar electric systems should provide only the required amount of power that is needed by the homeowners. Make sure that it does not generate more than 200% of the power on an annual basis.

* Self owned solar electric systems are liable for the net metering service but even the leased systems can serve the purpose.

Get familiar with the net metering opportunity

In order to enjoy the net metering facility, you will first have to apply for it by sending an application to the utility company. You can also take the help of the professional to get this work done and ensure that all the requirements are met. Once the formalities are completed, the professionals will come for its installation and you may have to pay a few charges as well. Along with the device, you will get an electric meter that measures the electricity flow in both the directions.

As soon as the installation is done, you can generate power from the system and sell the excessive one. Greater the brightness of the sun more will be the power generated thus giving a signal by the meter running in the backward direction. In case the consumption exceeds the power consumed, you will have to pay the charges to the company and if you sell, the company will pay you.

So get ready to enjoy the benefits of net metering facility which is definitely good. If you do not receive the monthly bill, don’t get puzzled as some of the companies generate yearly bill.