• Solar will decrease the value of my home
  • Solar increases my property taxes
  • Unsightly or ugly
  • It will be difficult to resell my home
  • Solar needs constant maintenance
  • Have to have a southern roof exposure
  • System will damage my roof

Your home is typically the biggest investment you will ever make and fears abound when any changes occur on your home including a solar transition. Fortunately, these fears have no merit and are based in ignorance. A little digging shows these myths listed as falsehoods.

Many areas will actually make a home exempt from property taxes just for using solar. These programs still exist and actually make solar more attractive in their own right. As for decreasing the value of your home, the exact opposite is true. With every dollar saved using solar, the value increases by $20.00. This figure can go up or down depending on geography and system used, however your home value increases regardless when using solar energy. Another great benefit of a solar panel system is actually the lack of maintenance required. Occasional rain actually keeps the system free of dirt and dust and unless you are in the direct migratory path of a large flock of birds, the system is basically self cleaning.

Weather rarely damages these hearty systems and only a falling branch or flying debris hold the potential to do any real damage.

As for unsightliness, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially the one holding an energy bill that has been dramatically reduced or zeroed out. For those with a very critical eye, solar panel systems have come a long way aesthetically. Many are now featuring a smaller profile and are able to blend in with roofing and other surroundings making them almost unnoticeable.

While southern exposures may be ideal, many times they are not feasible. Solar energy can be used on east or even west exposures as well. Rarely if ever is directional exposure an excuse for not moving forward with solar. No matter what the exposure, proper, professional installation eliminates any concern of roof damage.