There are many neighbourhoods which promote a home owners association for various purposes. These home owners association collectively take decisions about few eminent things regarding a neighbourhood including the formation of a children’s park or installing solar panels. But sometimes it so happens that when an individual in that particular neighbourhood wants to install solar panels in their homes, the association objects to it. There are many pros and cons in this situation.

Laws regarding this matter:

There are specific laws regarding this matter. No home owners association can unreasonably restrict an individual from installing solar panels in their homes. Moreover solar panels are environmental friendly .Thus there is no reason of pollution or any harm to the environment. In these cases individual home owners have rights and laws which work in their favour. If need be one can legally handle this matter as well.


However, there are few exceptions where the individual home owner might lose in front of the home owners association. Such cases include if the house is built on a historic property then there are separate rules and laws if one wants to make a major change like installing solar panels. Moreover solar panels can only be installed on the rooftops. It cannot be installed on the streets or anywhere else. At times there is no place in the roof or the roof is small or the roof is shared by many people. In these circumstances one cannot install a solar panel on the rooftop but cannot install it on the road, street or anywhere else also. If a person does not have exclusive right on one’s roof or a person is living in a rented house then also one cannot install solar panels on the roof.

Thus, the individual who wants to install solar panels must evaluate his/ her situation properly taking into account all the pros and cons and only then should one opt for presenting it before the home owners association. If the individual is devoid of all these exceptions and yet the association fails to acknowledge his/ her petition then he/ she has full rights to take the situation to a legal sphere.

The home owners association should also side by side be fully aware of the situations and exceptions and the fact that they must present string logical reasons for not supporting the installation of a solar panel.