Tips Remove Snow From Solar Panels

Removing snow from your roof can be a big headache at times. If you have solar panels installed on the roof, then you are possibly thinking about the ways in which you can remove the snow without having to damage the panels in any way. You can obviously not go to the roof and start removing snow just like that. Still, there are easy ways in which snow can be removed from the panels. In the first place, you must understand that solar panels generally don’t even need a snow removal exercise. The slope of the panels as well as the sun will do the trick on their own. Therefore, it would generally not even be necessary to take the headache at all. However, if the snow is too thick and the sun has already started to shine, you can simply clear a small area on a few cells. The cells would then start generating power and the heat would itself melt the snow off.

If you want to clear the snow on your own, then it is always better to use long non-pointed tools for the work. Plastic tools, rakes, snow shovels and even brooms will be good for the work. You can also use rubber instead of plastic for added protection. Just brush the snow lightly and don’t put in too much effort to ward it off completely or it might damage the cells. Exposing only a 6 inch area of the panel to the sun would be enough for you. As soon as the panel starts generating power, the whole snow will melt on its own.

If you are able to clear snow off these panels, the power generation will be faster and better.