Why Partnering with EastWest Solar Makes Green Easy

There is a trend moving towards living cleanly in a more environmentally friendly home as more people become aware of the concerns and dangers of living off non-renewable energy sources. Solar homes typically have a higher market value because their energy costs are lower. With a wide variety of suppliers, we offer the best quality products to fit the needs of any home, business or community.

EastWest Solar has the most professional and trained solar teams available to help homeowners with every step of their solar switch. We even have the added benefit of using our local crew members for almost all installations. We handle maintenance and any repairs needed. We are responsible from start to finish.

With thousands of successful installations completed, we have shortened the complex learning curve of the AHJ and HOA solar requirements for you and your customers. We will keep you and your customers informed as we easily fulfill even the strictest requirements.

Our team will handle the care of your customers so you have the time to concentrate on the more pressing matters of business. We designed the EastWest Solar Premium Service Package to include our one-of-a-kind monitoring software, warranties, repair, and insurance coverage, all combined with our guarantee of performance.

It is always easier to have one point of contact to have all your questions answered. You will be fit with a courteous and capable Sales Manager that will update you on all details and deadlines of projects.

We specialize in small and large installations. We even offer solar power to home communities for little to zero cost upfront.

We work with the best financial institutions that can help a variety of different home and business owners realize their dream of living a solar powered life style.

We also provide training to contractors to help learn how to bid and build home and businesses solar systems and leases. We also offer our professional contract service to help process all the financial paperwork.

We love our partners

We work closely with home builders and contractors. We will work with the design elements, necessary permits, and installation of solar panels. We also make sure that you receive the solar rebates currently available.

EastWest Solar offers the best resources for all our contractor partners

  • Home or business analysis
  • Roofing layouts
  • Drawing drafts
  • Permit resources and electric wiring and need calculations
  • Home Owners Association packages
  • On and off grid systems
  • Home, business or community installations
  • Solar design
  • Solar financing
  • General construction training
  • Solar construction practices

If you are in the home design, building or homeowner service industry, real estate or financial business, we welcome you as a professional partner in our referral network. You can earn outstanding rewards when you encourage your customers, employees, or other businesses to go green through solar panel installation. We also work with non-profit and other organizations that can benefit from sharing the solar advantages with others.

If you want your customers to rave about their new solar system and refer others to you, come join our partnership right now. We use the highest quality material and products and our 10 year warranty installation is top notch, giving you and your customers confidence for years to come.