Dung and Hung

Hang wanted to find a solution for her household and its rising energy costs.

“We tried to limit how we used things around the house” Hang said. “You know, turning on the lights, keeping the televisions off while we sleep… even trying the little things didn’t make a difference.”

Hang and her husband Dung decided that they should not be punish for their energy consumption around the home. As owners of a fairly large house, they needed an energy system powered their home without costs catching up to them. Hang who took it upon herself to research and discovered solar panel electric (Photovoltaic) system was a right choice.

Photovoltaic panels are the components in a complete solar panel electric system that converts sun light into energy. Most photovoltaic solar panels are at least 15 percent efficient in converting the sun’s rays into energy a fact that intrigued Hang as she read more information about the renewable energy source.

“As I read more information, I knew solar energy was right for my home” she said, recalling reading several noted solar energy resources on the web. “After I learned more about solar energy, I needed to find a company to handle the task of installing my solar energy system.”

Hang looked for a few weeks, though found a few companies to handle the job. She called the first three, though it was the fourth company that took her attention from the others.

“When I called EastWest Solar, they immediately got my attention. I felt like I could trust my home to them.”

A few days later, the solar energy consultant and site surveyor arrived. Upon greeting EastWest Solar’s team of professional certified solar installers, Hang already felt comfortable with her decision about getting solar energy for her family.

“Once my husband and I greeted them, they walked us through the entire process, explaining how they were going to install the system. My husband and I had a few questions that the team eagerly answered for us.”

The installation process was a two-part endeavor; first EastWest Solar installers finished installing and testing solar energy system and then team lead stayed behind to show Dung family how to maintain their new solar system in addition to informing them about the potential savings and warranty information.

Having EastWest Solar install their solar panel system made Hang feel confident about her energy bills. We caught up with her after the first month. “I’m already seeing savings that I’m sure wouldn’t have been there if we didn’t go with EastWest Solar.” When asked if she would contact us again for assistance, she told us, absolutely. If we need any help with our solar energy system, we’ll always give EastWest Solar a call!

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