Imtiaz And Zaker

“Maryland offers challenges for going solar,” says Imtiaz. “While the state is known for its pursuit of ecologically friendly solutions, we also have the toughest homeowner associations in the nation.”

“When we decided to go solar, we had to get approval from our HOA in order to put up solar panels on our roof. According to the HOA, since the roof was maintained by the association, they did not want us making any modifications, even for energy independence.”

“We wanted to not only lower the high costs of electricity, we also wanted to go green and lessen our carbon footprint,” added Zaker.

An ad on the radio while driving to work got Imtiaz motivated to push the HOA for him to go solar. He heard about how EastWest Solar could help with the HOA concerns about installing solar energy system on the roof. After contacting the company, Imtiaz, Zaker and EastWest Solar representative met with the HOA board and were able to get approval for installation of solar energy system.

The steady sunlight hitting their southern roof line was perfect for solar energy. Another issue they were most concerned with was the price of the solar energy system. While they would be gaining federal income tax credits, Maryland state grant, SRECs and property tax credit for installing the solar system and would be eliminating their electrical bill, most of the savings would be in the future while the installation costs would be in the present. Like most homeowners in the area, their mortgage was underwater and there was no equity to borrow against.

Again, EastWest Solar stepped in. They arranged no interest and zero upfront payment for one year through Enerbank USA. They were able to match savings with no monthly payments for one year, would pay off the solar installation loan quickly. Then they would be able to enjoy all the energy savings for years to come.

According to Imtiaz “the solar energy system installation was a breeze”. “EastWest Solar knows their business. Since EastWest Solar has installed many solar energy systems though out Maryland, they know how to design most efficient solar energy system, including necessary permits to final testing.”

EastWest Solar began with a review of their current energy needs. Matching the correct system with the expected energy needs is critical to the success of going solar. EastWest Solar does not simply come in and take up every square foot of your roof and you are left hoping it is not too much or too little energy for your needs.

“When Imtiaz first started talking about solar energy, I thought he was crazy,” added Zaker, “with our winters, we would not be able to generate sufficient energy and we would be paying off a solar system while paying the electrical company too. But EastWest Solar explained to us how efficient their solar panels are and how we don’t need as much sunlight as we once would have in order to generate electricity.”

“I tell all my friends and relatives about the great service EastWest Solar provides. Their 25-year warranty is fantastic. They stand behind their work. They had the complete solar energy system installed in 3 days.”

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