Jagdish And Sharmila

Jagdish initially considered going solar about 5 years ago but because of sky-high costs of solar system it just didn’t make sense at the time. Jagdish says, “I have always been very conscious to go green and hoped to take this measure to avoid my electricity company from fooling me and taking undue advantage of our family.” He goes on to say, “I really did hope to go the solar way back in 2006 but solar system installation was too expensive.”

His wife Sharmila has heard of solar energy from a T.V. commercial and didn’t pay much attention to it. She says “Only when my friends started talking about it, I started doing a lot of research on the Internet. There was so much talk about solar incentives, people wiping out their electric bill and return on investment”

Jagdish says, “Our family is quite big and everyone has their own room so, the electricity bill has often gone up the roof so going solar made sense. Although, I was worried that solar panel would be weather dependent but I was really wrong.”

Their search for the right solar energy installation company stopped with EastWest Solar. “We had tried to find a company who carried most efficient solar panels, inverter and all black monocrystalline solar panels within our reach. Most companies quoted such steep prices which made it quite tough for us.” Sharmila says, “We had started reconsidering our decision and weren’t very sure until we stumbled upon EastWest Solar website. We needed a power packed solution to ensure that our switch to solar way smooth and with latest technology. They were offering everything we needed with a 10 year workmanship warranty. What more could we really ask for?”

“When it came to the installation part our roof had some obstacles which were taken care of by their certified professional installers at no additional cost. I was impressed with what I saw. The entire process was so smooth and well thought of. Our account manager handled all the Maryland solar incentive and SREC paperwork and was spot-on with everything. My family didn’t have to move a muscle.”

“Even when I’m at work I can monitor my Solar panels through Enphase online monitoring system. Everything is just so simple. Our electricity bills have significantly reduced and I’m really happy with my solar energy system and thankful that I did decide to switch over to solar energy. It is a good investment with an even faster payback.” said Jagdish.

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