Long And Ha

Nguyen family considered going solar for many years now. Our energy bills were rising; the cost of each bill rose to the point of being too difficult to manage so we finally decided to go solar energy.

My husband and I didn’t want to hire just any company. We researched our options on today’s market, just barely finding a company that took our interests in mind. Eventually, we hired EastWest Solar. We contracted their services to install a full solar panel electric system on our home.

Our decision became inspired from our desire to lower our energy bills, in addition to doing our part for our environment. However we were concerned about the amount of work, time and the costs of the installation and maintenance of our solar panels energy system.

Even though we had our worries, the professionals at EastWest Solar made sure we had a great experience throughout the process. After EastWest Solar completed the system installation of solar panel system on our roof, we felt great. It was something we considered for a while and they made the entire process affordable and most importantly attainable. First, we had a 6.0kw (24 solar panels) solar electric system installed on our home, later we upgraded the system with an additional 9 250w solar panels to 8.25kw system.

We also took advantage of Federal, State, County and upfront Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) solar incentives to lower the system cost and took advantage of EastWest Solar financing to cover the upfront installation cost.

The most rewarding part of going solar is to know how much we’ve reduced our energy costs. From the day one EastWest Solar turned on our solar energy system after all inspection, we’ve seen a significant decrease in energy bill. We’ve reduced our carbon footprint as a result, and subsequently, our home’s impact on our surrounding environment.

If you or your family is considering switching to solar energy: solar energy can potentially decrease your monthly energy costs and carbon footprint. I highly recommend EastWest Solar to install your new solar panel system.

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