Najam And Riffat

EastWest Solar Shows the Najam and Riffat a Better Way

Najam and Riffat are used to extreme weather from bone chilling winters to hot and humid summers and the bills that come with it.

Tired of high utility bills getting higher, Najam and Riffat challenged themselves to become more educated about alternative energy sources in order to save on their utility bills. They wanted to provide college and opportunity for their 4 children and knew that by saving money on utility cost, they would be living more responsibly towards the environment and save significantly over the years.

Finding the Answer

“We had seen solar panels on roofs and even in peoples’ yards. I knew solar power was an option but had the wrong impression. I thought you had to spend a lot to save a little. After doing some research, I found I was wrong.” says Najam. “Riffat had located EastWest Solar on the web and with the education we got from their website, along with the knowledge brought by their trained solar consultant, we both knew solar was a very viable option for us.”

Najam wanted something that would not infringe on the aesthetics of his surroundings while Riffat was intent on crunching the numbers and seeing plenty of “evidence” of significant savings. She also wanted their new solar energy system backed by 25 years warranty and maintenance when necessary.

Not wanting solar panels in their backyard, this became a concern as some of their roof is shaded. “EastWest Solar site engineer addressed the shading problem by showing how EastWest Solar uses Enphase micro inverters, allowing a bigger bang for the buck with the power generated by more than one cell. “EastWest Solar really took the time to get us not only educated, but comfortable with our new solar energy system.”

EastWest Solar further surprised Najam and Riffat by showing them our zero upfront cost installation option and interest free financing. The zero down solar energy system for no upfront cost at all, gives them the freedom to pay over time while still realizing great monthly savings on their utility bill.

“I was amazed!” said an elated Najam, “If I had known this was all accomplished without a significant upfront investment, we would have done this years ago! I am now recommending the EastWest Solar every chance I get.”


At last check, they are enjoying more and more freedom from high electricity costs. So far, Riffat estimates a savings of between 75% and 85% on their once daunting utility bills.

By calling EastWest Solar, they are enjoying the financial and environmental returns of their solar energy system. The forward thinking team at EastWest Solar can bring you clean green alternative energy and savings for years. For a free consultation, give us a call today!

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