Nitin And Shilpa

Shilpa and Nitin have actively made changes in their lifestyle to help the planet go green. For the very same reason they soon decided to go solar. Nitin remarks, “The best investment I have made in years. The fact of the matter is my solar electric system will only keep appreciating in terms of value. At the same time, I know I’m doing my bit to save the environment and contributing to it make me feel that I’m doing good.”

With a simple search on the Google, they chose EastWest Solar. The couple shot an email in and it was responded to within an hour by the company’s solar sales consultant. “Our search for alternate source of energy ended with them. I really liked what they had to offer. Their website is so easy to navigate through and they keep it up-to-date with all the latest information on solar panels, Maryland solar incentives and solar technology.” says Shilpa.

“We loved their approach to selling solar system. They firmly believe in no pressure when it comes to sales.”

For Shilpa what sold them on the company was the Enphase micro inverter and Enphase Enlighten online monitoring system. She says, “Those micro inverters really caught my eye and somewhere convinced me that this is what I have been looking for.” “Their no obligation proposals are free of cost which is what attracted me”, says Nitin.

She and her husband, Nitin can now keep a check on the solar panels performance with a click off a button. “The ease of access when it comes to online monitoring our solar energy system is impeccable to say the least. At any point of my day, I know exactly what is going on with my solar panels back at home with the help of their monitoring system.”

Nitin explains further, “Shilpa is somewhat obsessed with going green. It has somehow rubbed off on me too but to be honest, I have saved almost $2,000 this year itself because of solar energy system. So I have nothing to complain about. With every passing month, things just keep improving. I haven’t paid a dime towards electricity. Now no more hassles for us and no more saving up for the utility bill. I’m so glad I choose EastWest Solar. Their solar payback is certainly the best.” To which Shilpa further adds, “I have no complaints what so ever. I’m thrilled that we planned and actually went with them.”

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