Solar Leasing vs. Solar Investment

Why Avoiding a Lease Keeps Money in Your Pocket


You’ve made the decision as an environmentally responsible home or business owner to put solar energy to work for you and use clean energy to not only lower your carbon impact, but save significantly on monthly utility bills. All the research is done and now you are faced with a decision of buying the solar equipment or take on a leasing option.

Glitzy ads and promises of no up front costs make leasing a tempting option but beware, nothing is free and leasing brings baggage. While it may appear at first that you are benefitting from a lease package, reality hits down the road when payments inflate and those monthly cost savings you were looking forward to, have all but disappeared.



Solar Myths

Most Common Myths About Renewable Energy


More and more Americans are discovering the truth about solar: It saves money and helps the planet. In fact, every four minutes another American family installs solar panels on their home. A clear indication that solar energy has become a cost-effective energy option for homeowners .

But mistaken beliefs about solar persist—it’s too expensive, too complicated, too unreliable. Going solar really is far easier and less costly than most folks think. Below we debunk the most persistent myths about solar panels.




Take Control of Your Electric Bill

Stop Paying More For Electricity. You Can Take Control of Your Energy Consumption. When Switch to Solar

Solar-billSolar power can actually cost less than what you pay now with a low, predictable, locked-in electricity rate. Join thousands of happy customers who are making a positive impact on the planet by choosing a cleaner energy source that lowers your utility bills for real savings month after month, year after year.

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